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BeyondCore enables hyper-scalable BPO and BPaaS through patented, award winning algorithmic solutions.

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Beta Partners

"BeyondCore's SplitSecure is an innovative approach to privacy and security that could address these key client concerns. Accenture looks forward to collaborating with BeyondCore to demonstrate the full potential of this innovation." - Mike McDaniel, Executive Director of Operations


"In BPO and BPaaS, data privacy and security are critical challenges. BeyondCore's SplitSecure has the potential to solve privacy and security in an automated scalable manner. Genpact looks forward to identifying test scenarios and piloting with BeyondCore to maximize SplitSecure's benefits to our clients." - Gianni Giacomelli, Senior Vice President, New Product Innovation Leader
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SplitSecure by BeyondCore: Cloud Computing and Outsourcing without the security risk

SplitSecure enables companies to fully realize the benefits of the Cloud and of Outsourcing by eliminating regulatory and security risks associated with processing sensitive transaction data. Security in the Cloud today is black and white. Customers must decide whether a business process is safe to place in the Cloud or not. Similar concerns plague outsourcing. However, most information within protected documents does not actually need to be kept secure. Unnecessarily trying to secure complete documents prevents companies from adopting significant cost saving or strategic opportunities from outsourcing and Cloud Computing.

SplitSecure's patented SaaS solution divides each transaction so that the individual pieces can be processed separately and securely. It does so by analyzing business transactions such as a patient record in light of
  1. regulations and other information security constraints,
  2. processing rules that require access to certain combinations of information and
  3. relative effort required to process different fields.
It then automatically splits out the maximum subset of information that can be safely placed in the Cloud or outsourced to a low cost location without violating any regulations or other information security constraints. After each piece of the transaction is processed, it is then reassembled, avoiding any concerns about vulnerable data being mishandled.

Information that you couldn't outsource or put on the cloud - now you can.
Full Product Features
The full version of SplitSecure by BeyondCore contains many additional features. Contat splitsecure@beyondcore.com for more details.
  • Context Based Access Control: Using a simple wizard, specify the information required for each role or context, such as a doctor accessing medical records or a consultant analyzing billing patterns. The data is SplitSecured in light of those roles/contexts to minimize storage costs while maximizing the work that can be done without access to confidential data.

  • Templates: Apply templates for common regulations such as HIPAA. Save your own rule maps as templates for future use.

  • Impact Analysis: Have the regulations or privacy requirements changed? See how this impacts your current split. Calculate a minimally disruptive new split or a new optimal split.

  • Scenario Analysis: Do you want to accommodate multiple countries' data privacy laws at the same time or want to 'future proof' your process against different anticipated regulatory scenarios? Input different rule maps and see the tradeoffs of the optimal splits under different combinations of such scenarios.

  • Additional Features:
    • Faster, better results
    • Potentially Confidential fields (confidentiality determined at runtime such as for a rare last name)
    • Detailed wizards to simplify restriction mapping
    • Graphs focused on the financial benefits of the proposed split
    • More than 20 additional enhancements
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